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Vehicle requests

Book a car from a smartphone or laptop in a few clicks.

Staff management

View trip history and purposes or chat with employees in the app.

Car sharing

Use fewer cars to transport more employees.

Fleet analytics

See how staff uses company cars & how much it costs for the business.

Automated Payments

Calculate driver payments based on rides, mileage, or driving hours.

GOFER platform explained

The platform changes corporate transport management like Uber changed taxi services. Discover how we make it happen.

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WEB platform

The company transport management center.

Driver app

An Uber-like mobile app for company drivers.   

Passenger app

The mobile application where employees interact with drivers and managers

Manager app

The app where managers handle requests and book vehicles for business trips.


The interface for service administrators, managers, and dispatchers to:

  • Digitalize corporate transport structure and access it on a laptop;

  • Manage vehicle requests and interact with drivers & passengers;

  • Analyze car usage and plan how to optimize;

  • Track employee activities outside the office; 

  • Manage transportation budgets.

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Watch vehicle request, usage, and cost analytics updated in real-time.


View all vehicles with detailed descriptions on one screen.


Create, view, accept or decline car requests, and assign them to drivers.

Billing service

Allocate and manage transport budgets for departments/branches.

Ride details

Access mileage, costs, receipts, and other trip documents in one click.


View employee trips purposes, movement history, and live locations.

GOFER mobile applications

How it works


No paperwork

Find all requests, approvals, transport catalogs, and billing docs on your laptop instead of a filing cabinet.

Satisfied customers

Ensure your employees get vehicles on time and are never late for important meetings.

Lower expenses

Cut transportation costs with fewer private trips, fair driver payments, and smart car sharing.

Organized transport

Bring all transport processes on one screen. Manage each in a few clicks and at multiple levels.

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