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in trucks, warehouses, containers, and reefers.


in trailers, production, and storage facilities.

Liquid levels

in fuel, water, waste liquid, and fertilizer tanks.


for energy consumption management.

Vehicle parameters

tire pressure, lights, fuel level, and seatbelts.


door opening, light, video, gas leaks, vibration.

Sensor monitoring opportunities

IoT dashboards

HAZER allows monitoring and managing all your sensors, counters, meters, and their locations on one screen.

Start using HAZER

Sensor widgets

Watch gauges and tabs that change colors in case of abnormalities.

Widget groups

Unite sensors by placement, type, and other criteria.

Tracking interface

Track the location and movements of transport and fixed site objects.


Set smart rules for HAZER to respond to sensor value variations.


Get instant alerts if something happens to your vehicles or facilities.


Rearrange your workspace in a few clicks by dragging widgets.

Sensor data analytics

HAZER records sensor performance for up to 400 days and provides analytics for decision-making.

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Trace sensor values and events via informative tables. 


View sensor performance as illustrative graphs. 

Dynamic charts

Detect drops and rises of sensor values via live charts.

Report templates

Generate reports in a few clicks with pre-set templates.

Scheduled reports

Schedule report sending to your email.

HAZER-specific solutions: out-of-the-box

why hazer?

connect any IoT devices

HAZER supports the most popular sensors, counters, and other IoT devices on the market, even the ones of OEMs.

Don't pay for a server

HAZER is a cloud platform, so you don't need a server or industrial screens to use it  only a laptop or smartphone.

Shape the price

The price depends on how you use the platform. Tracking a temperature sensor in a fridge will cost you close to nothing.

Enjoy simple IoT

Using the platform is a piece of cake. You don't need special knowledge or a technology background.

HAZER IoT platform explained

Discover the core HAZER features and implementation examples with KLOUDIP's Chief Technical Officer.

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5 steps to make your assets connected

Add sensors

Connect sensors to HAZER in a few clicks.

Create dashboard

Organize sensor widgets on the dashboard.

Monitor sensors

Track sensor values in real-time. 

Manage assets

Send commands to sensors remotely.

Analyze data

Generate reports to see how the assets perform.


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