How it works

Refer a company

If you know anyone who may be interested in KLOUDIP's services, share their contacts with us.

Stay in touch

We add you to a Cc of all email conversations with a referred company. 

Get a discount

When we qualify the referral as our potential client, you both get a discount at once.

Get a reward

We pay you a % of the deal right after signing a contract. If cash doesn't apply, we offer free hardware, services, hotel stays, dinner vouchers, etc.

Choose your reward from KLOUDIP

GPS tracker


from the project
  • Businesses and individuals who refer a client to KLOUDIP get a % from the deal when we sign the agreement. Get it in cash or via a bank transfer.

GPS system


for all parties
  • Those who refer a client to KLOUDIP get some of our services and value-added options for free. New clients also get free services for a quick start.


50 %

off FiOS and more
  • Get fleet management and other solutions for less after you refer a client to us. Half-price for our fleet management platform and personal discounts for other stuff.



GPS trackers
  • Refer a company and get free rugged smartphones for workforce management or trackers for personal cars when connecting to ALLY or KLOUD GUARD.

Rewards in detail


For any company or person whose referral becomes our client.

  • Get an unlimited reward. The bigger the project is, the more money you get.

  • Exchange cash for anything. If money doesn't apply, we’ll provide hardware, services, hotel stays, or dinner vouchers for an equivalent amount.

KLOUDIP may bring more earnings than your regular job. Join the referral program to make sure.

Refer a company


Applicable to services, hardware, and software by KLOUDIP. 

  • Get a discount at once. You get it as soon as we qualify your referral as interested in our services, even before we discuss prices or the agreement itself.

  • Accumulate discounts. The more companies you refer to us, the larger discount on the services you get. 

  • Make the offer more attractive. We offer a discount for you and your referral to provide flexible pricing.

Referring a company to KLOUDIP takes five minutes of your time. These five minutes can save your business a fortune.

Request a discount

Free services and solutions

It's essential for fleet management. Why not get it for free?

  • Value-added options and applications;

  • Hardware implementation (GPS trackers, sensors, cameras, etc.);

  • Software development and subscriptions;

  • Technology consulting and implementation.

It’s not a complete list of what KLOUDIP gives for free. Join the program, keep free services for your business, or resell for additional profit.

Share a contact


Join the program and stop paying for telematics devices:

  • GPS trackers for businesses;

  • Cigarette lighter trackers for private cars;

  • Rugged smartphones for guards and service teams.

Refer a company

Why Join?

Simple procedure

Send an email with a reference or make a call to join.

Beneficial program

We reward references and recommendations like sales.

Open to everyone

Join as a company representative or individual.

Flexible partnership terms

Negotiate a reward and terms at any moment.

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