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EPORT powers up all elements of the logistics ecosystem

4PL LEvel

4PLs strategically manage 3PLs and the supply chain on one screen.

3PL level

3PLs get access to carriers and their transport to perform more orders.

2PL level

Carriers become visible for 3PLs and acquire constant transportation order flow.

1PL Level

Goods manufacturers find the logistics contractors fast and at the best rates.

unveil EPORT

4PL interface

The control center for all logistics processes.

3PL interface

Trip planning and logistics orders management.

Carrier module

The database of transport, drivers, and helpers.   

Customer portal

Direct access to logistics service providers.

4PL interface

  • 3PL Management Dashboard. Analyze your performance in real-time: order statuses, transport availability, cost vs. demurrage, and the distribution of orders between carriers.

  • Analytics and Report. See the big picture of your logistics operations in pre-set and custom reports on deliveries, trip details, and vehicle utilization.

  • Service Structure. Add and manage various elements and participants of the supply chain on one screen.

3PL interface

  • Order Management. Receive and instantly process orders from customers. EPORT ensures that no delivery order is lost or missed.

  • Trip Planning. Assign orders to carriers – select vehicles and drivers that match the order characteristics best. EPORT generates the most cost-efficient routes to multiple points and ensures that the transport never travels half-empty.
    Automated Billing. Configure individual customer buying and carrier selling rates. EPORT will find a transport vehicle at the price your client expects and generate an invoice automatically.

Carrier module

  • Carrier's Database. Add owned and operated vehicles, trailers, drivers, and helpers to EPORT. Drawing on the database, the 3PL operator sees if you have enough resources to perform an order.

  • Vehicle Data. Add detailed description for each vehicle – VIN, capacity, dimensions, GPS options, region. EPORT uses the data to find the best-suited transport for the goods, optimize vehicle load, and deliver at the best rates.

  • Driver Mobile Application
    - First, navigate  to the destination via the best route. 
    - On the way, keep clients informed of the delivery progress.
    - Finally, get a digital POD as evidence of customer satisfaction.

Customer portal

  • Order Placement. Need a 3PL service? Add your order to EPORT. The system will find a carrier at the best rates super fast.

  • Cargo Tracking. Track the delivery process in real-time through status updates – arriving, unloading, delivered, waiting, delayed. The drivers will keep you informed via the mobile app or the onboard GPS will trigger alerts automatically.

  • Order History. Access the history of your logistics operations, associated shipping documents, and shipment/payment reports in a few clicks.

why EPORT?

Automated doc flow

EPORT automatically generates invoices, waybills, or any other documents that a logistics company or client may need.

Transparent logistics

The platform makes everything transparent: cargo movements, billing, transport, and communication.

Flexible pricing

EPORT doesn’t demand initial investments. Pay-as-you-use the software, instead.

No special skills needed

KLOUDIP connects your assets to EPORT, integrates it into business operations, and trains your teams to use the system.

EPORT 3PL management software Explained

Discover the core EPORT modules and features with KLOUDIP's Chief Executive Officer.

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High-value features included

3PL Management dashboard

The big picture of a 3PL business

  • Real-time statuses of transport and orders.
  • Movements of vehicles on the map.
  • Quick access to carriers, customers, & drivers.
  • Costs & demurrage at a glance.

GPS tracking interface

Integrated telematics for customer satisfaction

  • Online shipment tracking.
  • Transportation history on the land, sea, or air.
  • Visibility into multi-mode cargo at any location.
  • Access to carriers, both local and international.
  • Order now

Driver mobile application

First-hand updates for all parties

  • Proof of delivery via the mobile app.
  • Navigation through Google Maps.
  • Online delivery status updates.
  • Communication with the office.

How it works

Add orders

Add or import orders in CSV, XLSX, or via direct integration.

Manage trips

Approve, remove, & assign orders to another vehicle/trip.

Plan trips

Select carriers, vehicles, drivers, and routes.

Track orders

Watch cargo on the map or follow status updates.

Analyze trips

View trip details, vehicle utilization, and custom reports.

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