Employee management

 For drivers and couriers involved in the delivery
For sales and service crews who take jobs across the country 
 For security guards patrolling specified areas
For office, hospital, and hotel staff to track attendance and response time

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Remote management

Managers control and coordinate field staff via smartphones to minimize employee idling time.

Lower employee costs

Shared devices and smartphones used as GPS trackers minimize your investments while employee efficiency skyrockets.

Minimum paperwork

The system generates job reports based on GPS data automatically. You can share them with managers as PDF/Excel files.

Higher level of service

As you supervise employees online, you can check the job results at once and ensure the highest level of service.

Employee management solutions

FiOS for workforce management

Detect employees' locations in real-time to control their daily operations and find a person nearest to the job:

  • View movement history to check customer visits, deliveries, security rounds, and service works.

  • Control mileage to detect unauthorized trips and minimize fuel consumption.

  • Restrict employee movements to specific areas based on areas of responsibility.

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Value-added options for Staff


Monitor security personnel on your laptop or smartphone:

  • Centralize control.  Watch your facilities, guards' movements, and security alerts on one screen.

  • Ensure all-around security.  Receive alerts if a guard skips a control point, violates the patrolling schedule, or activates the SOS button.

  • Analyze performance.  Get automated security reports to detect and address possible breaches.

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GPS trackers & additional equipment

We provide best-in-class personal tracking devices and value-added equipment to mitigate the human factor in your business:

  • Mobile and personal GPS trackers. Share such a device between multiple persons and vehicles to minimize hardware costs.

  • RFID/NFC/QR solutions. Use them to identify employees, restrict access, and track interactions between colleagues.  

  • Advanced driver assistance systems and MDVRs. Prevent traffic accidents or prove drivers' innocence with video telematics.

GPS Equipment overview

Implementation & support

We make the system work and train your employees to use it efficiently:

  • Launch, set up, and extend the workforce management platform with value-added options.

  • Hold online webinars and training sessions on every feature.

  • Provide after-implementation analysis and recommendations for improvement.

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How we make it happen


We interact with business owners, managers, and staff to understand how telematics can benefit your company.  


We carefully select the best-suited hardware and software to connect your vehicles, buildings, and machinery.


We train your employees to use the new tools and help you resolve every technical and commercial issue. 


We watch how your business works and consult on how to return your investments faster.

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