Fuel card management software

GAUGE detects fuel card fraud by cross-checking fuel-filling data from FiOS software against your fuel card system.

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Money saving

By preventing fuel thefts, fleet owners dramatically improve the company’s bottom line.

Time saving

Automated cross-checks eliminate the need for manual calculations and prevent human errors.


GAUGE instantly provides evidence of the fuel theft, including its volume, time, location, and the driver.

Paperless docs

GAUGE generates fuel-filling reports online and makes them accessible anytime & anywhere from a laptop.

Fuel card management system elements

This fuel card management software solves your problems 


GAUGE ensures that every milliliter of fuel reaches the vehicle tank, not the driver's personal petrol can for reselling.

Private car filling

FiOS detects if the company's vehicle was not at the filling station when a driver swiped the fuel card, meaning he came by a private car.

Fuel accounting

GAUGE automatically generates detailed fuel filling reports comprising comparative data – rocket-fast and error-free.

Fuel thefts

FiOS goes beyond fuel card control. It detects all types of fuel thefts, no matter if the vehicle is in motion or parked.

How it works

Install hardware

KLOUDIP selects and installs the best-suited fuel monitoring equipment in your vehicle.

Register the vehicle

Add your vehicle to the FiOS fleet management system and configure the fuel monitoring module.

Access GAUGE

GAUGE automatically matches the data from FiOS vs. your fuel card system and displays the results on one screen.

Analyze fuel fillings

View details on each fuel filling, filter data to find inconsistencies faster, and export the results in PDF/XLSX.

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