FiOS Talks: Useful tips to get the best of the fleet management system

Yasintha Vithanage – CTO at KLOUDIP – explains what distinguishes FiOS from other GPS tracking, fleet management, and telematics platforms. Additionally, he provides the most detailed overview of FiOS features ever released, including:

- Video monitoring
- Remote engine stop
- Geofences to control areas on the map
- Notifications to be alerted if something happens with your vehicles
- Speed control and the detection of other traffic violations
- Reports for fleet analytics
- Google Street View to see the road with your own eyes
- Fleet Dashboard to view fleet data in charts and graphics updated in real-time
- How to share vehicles’ location with other people?
- How to detect nearest units
- How to use FiOS on your smartphone via the mobile app?

Check it out to get the most of FiOS.

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